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I recently got a wallet and made a …,

They are a disgrace-NO Bitcoin Cash BCH support -no contact info

Etherium Graph doesn’t work but for all …,

Great UI, can’t say anything about customer support though cuz Ive never had any problems so far.

Don’t use blockchain they are a rip off

Bitcoin STOLEN – account EMPTIED

Moving to newer more secure wallet.

Company’s good at what they do.

The site does what it’s supposed to do.

It’s an easy way to buy, store and spend bitcoin. Safe and efficient.

Can be a little temperamental with all the 2FA ID and if you lose access to the email account you used to set up the account like I did then it can take a week for the site to reset your access.

But that’s minor and way better than them losing my bitcoin.

They do need to know who you are though.

Good, trustworthy company but no anonymity.

No way of making a complaint

Great site

Signed up and tried to purchase …,


24%). I decided to swallow that just to try it all out, but needed to add funds to pay it.

It gets worse. Once the 7 day period was up, I tried to top it up so I could do the trial transaction I wanted – but there was a £9.20 minimum buy limit so that was no use.

That makes sense, but unfortunately that was their whole response – no suggestion at all of what to actually do to move forward.

Transaction Rejected

Your purchase was rejected and unfortunately the reason cannot be disclosed. A refund has been issued and should appear in your card statement within a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Im afraid i must leave this rating until i get my bitcoins.

Tried buying bitcoin with ,blockchain …,


I have bought over 3 bitcoins


5 days ago i bought a half btc.

I’ve been taken for a ton of money by …,


transaction that has been pending for way too long. I want my Money within &, hours from now 2:59 am eastern time 5/16/2017. I My transaction is not complete within this time I will Launch the largest online campaign on blockchain that you ever seen. Better Business Bureau , State Dept, I will Hire bloggers from

fiveerr to expost this company along with several hundred dollars in Googole as well as bing ads. Boy did you mess with the wrong person. I am a marketing expert and trainer. Please dont turn this into a mess Because I assure you i will turn it into an even bigger mess. I need my money and I need it with the said timeframe. The clock is ticking.

Great service

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